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Basketball physical training

Gao Lao's basketball skills you improve your speed

2022-07-04 07:40Basketball physical training
Summary: What skills should I have to play basketball with someone taller than myselfSmall people often mix in basketball career with speed! You improve your speed! Another is technology! Technology must be ha
What skills should I have to play basketball with someone taller than myself
Small people often mix in basketball career with speed! You improve your speed! Another is technology! Technology must beGao Lao's basketball skills  you improve your speed hard! There must be more fake actions! In a one-on-one bullfight, you can add more tricks! Constantly cheat him with fake actions! When he thinks you're playing fakeSkills of basketball singles
If the other party is at the same level as you, as long as your technical action is reasonable, it is difficult for him to grab your ball, because you are active and he is passive. You can break through it with face-to-face direction changing skills such as front dribble, crotch and back. Running backwards alone can't be as fast as running forwardThe skills of physical confrontation in basketball ask God for help
Power first, use your brain. The so-called strength is not the whole body muscles to collide with others. Just for normal physical confrontation. I don't know whether you play campus basketball or wild ball. I've been playing wild ball for more than ten years. In peacetime, power is supreme. Whether you admit it or not. With powerWhen playing basketball with someone taller than myself, he always uses a hook. How can I defend against him or stop him
PG anti high guy. Be close to your body. Also know how to break defense. To seize the opportunity, you should be shorter than him, and you will easily touch his ball. As long as his basketball has a chance to touch you, you will press it. Never let someone taller than you lift the ball higher than himself. Then you must not be able to prevent.. NoBasketball Teaching: how to fight without losing position
Basketball singles should first know yourself and the enemy, and try to know each other's strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. Basic points: try not to break the opponent's ball, so it is easy to cause yourself to be passed because of losing position, unless you have more than 90% confidence to make a shot. The first element is if the opponent is a right-handed player and his left hand skills are not skilledBasketball singles skills... Basketball rod skills
When monotonous, you should do more fake actions to attract the other party's attention, and then suddenly change direction, suddenly passing the other party's layup To learn the pull rod, first practice the waist strength, and you can imitate RondoWhat is the most practical skill in basketball singles. Expert advice
Although this requires good physical coordination, it is very practical and worth learning
How to beat the short in basketball
If a shorGao Lao's basketball skills  you improve your speedt team wants to win a tall team, first, it needs to be fast and second, it needs to shoot accurately. The first thing for short men to attack is to practice shooting well. If you practice shooting well, you can shoot when the defender is far away from you on the outside line; If he is close to you, you can break throughUnique basketball skills
Practice grabbing basketball with your left hand, which is very useful for practice or ball feeling practice It can not only grab more rebounds, but also increase the strength of arms and fingers and the coordination of the left side of the body It doesn't matter if you run with the left hand layup and more dribbles at the beginning, but you must run correctly, and the dribble and pace of dribble should be coordinatedIs there any common unique skill in basketball singles! Can score
Look at your figure. If you have a figure and height, you can force him to fight. Next, it depends on the coordination of your body. Focus on speed. If you are fast enough, you can lay up and score. The premise is that you must have certain ball control skills. Speed alone is not enough
Gao Lao's basketball skills you improve your speed

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